Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan… our dream list

Landiana wearing Aida Lorena Atelier at Street Style Paris Fashion Week GHD

Like any dream, the story of Aida Lorena Atelier was built with small steps, constant effort and by persevering.

From the first models made, to the first happy brides and the development of the whole team we moved to a new level where the recognition from specialists becomes very important.

There is no greater joy for a designer than to see his creations worn by elegant women, smiling and shining on the streets of the big cities.

Landiana wearing Aida Lorena Atelier at Street Style Paris Fashion Week Vogue

From the most spectacular pieces to those with a classical line and minimalist design, each has its moment of glory. Landiana, a true muse

Landiana wearing Aida Lorena Atelier at Therme Bucuresti – Commercial for Feeric Fashion Week

Landiana, a true muse

In the journey from the first sketches to the international recognition many friends have been close to us, women whom we consider true muses, who have transformed Aida Lorena Atelier’s design into personal style and gave life to the clothes created in our atelier.

Landiana is the best example of a woman who embodies the style of the Aida Lorena Atelier, and who through her cool mix of pieces and accessories manages to capture a cosmopolitan, versatile style, all while dominating the trends.

The appearances in magazines like Elle Spain, Vogue China or the exclusive Buro 247 confirmed that we are on the right track, that our design vision fits into the international fashion scheme and that every new collection is our chance to make our voice heard.

Fashion Week’s street style

Today, the street is a real stage or a runway for each of us, and Landiana has been surprised by Fashion Week‘s street style photographers wearing Aida Lorena Atelier in the most creative combinations.

Photographs from around the world are struggling for the perfect frame of the most extravagant and memorable looks, all this for the great fashion magazines in the world to publish the outfits they think worthwhile.

The appearance of Aida Lorena Atelier creations in the pages of international titles gives us the symbolic recognition we seek from the experts and places us in a privileged category of Romanian designers who are visible in a context that certifies inspiration and creativity.



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