The Creative Team

Aida Lorena and Ramona Lazar - Aida Lorena Atelier

Work and Commitment

Behind each Aida Lorena Atelier signature piece there are many hours of research, sketches, fittings and changes in which the two designers of the brand are trying to transform a moment of inspiration into something that will make a woman smile.

The story has gone from Aida Lorena’s wedding dress and from the fact that women often feel the need to customize their special outfits as much as possible to feel that their personality is really reflected and at the same time their silhouette is valued.

Aida Lorena comes with a bohemian spirit, with love for precious materials and a romantic feel.

Aida Lorena - Aida Lorena Atelier

The Friendship

The team grew when next to wedding dresses and ceremony dresses appeared the desire to create ready-to-wear outfits, and Ramona Lazar came with fresh forces and a new creative direction.

The friendship between designers and permanent communication on the details that make a coat become a must have has been at the heart of the development of the Aida Lorena Atelier brand. Each of them is involved in shaping a coherent and consistent identity in the form of collections with a strong impact.

Ramona Lazar brings a dose of minimalist sensuality, androgenic cuts and a rock and roll attitude.

Ramona Lazar - Aida Lorena Atelier

Customized or tailored pieces

The two visions are combined to develop collections that speak to women with a strong personality and who are looking for their outfits to help them express themselves fully. The real muses are the women who cross the threshold of the workshop and who ultimately give life and energy to the outfits created by Aida Lorena and Ramona Lazar.

Whether we are talking to emotional brides or women who want a recognizable and authentic style, each of them finds or builds her dream piece together with the two creative personalities behind the Aida Lorena Atelier brand.



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