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Bridal Dress - Bliss Collection - Aida Lorena Atelier

Fashion is about people

Fashion is about people; people who seek inspiration in everything that surrounds them; people who seek to express their personality through the clothes they wear; people who dream of the outfit that can give them confidence and feel beautiful; people who work to turn a simple material into a story.

Each day the Aida Lorena Atelier team is looking for inspiration for a new collection. We are inspired by our clients, we follow international trends and build the image of the woman for whom we aim to draw the perfect figure.

The bridal dress collections are the most complex precisely because each future bride has an image of how she wants to look at her wedding day. We choose materials that will gradually turn into precious and romantic pieces.

Each type of lace or tulle that gets to be worn by a bride is carefully selected to deliver maximum quality and looks.

Rochie de mireasa din dantela si tulle, cu trena detasabila si maneci lungi

Our design

Our design aims to harmoniously combine the look with the comfort, the price with the style and the answer to the expectations of the public.

In the prototype stage, we refine each concept, simplify or add it where is necessary to get a unitary, current and personal collection of our style.

Besides the wedding gowns, there are special outfits for special ceremonies. If for brides the creative options are limited by the rigor of the religious ceremony and the wedding dress’s implicit dress code, for the other women who participate in such an event we can innovate as much as possible.

Midi skirts with applied tread, backless dresses, transparent material inserts, extravagant overalls or fluid pants are all created to make you feel beautiful and elegant in tune with the dress code and especially stylish.

Chromatic combinations are chosen to benefit as many types as possible and to fit the season’s trends. Precious details such as lace or applications of sequins and beads are handmade to create a more personalized piece and to make you feel really special.

Aida Lorena Atelier - Colectia Bliss

Designerii Aida Lorena si Ramona Lazar studiaza atent miscarile corpului pentru a putea construe piese care ascund imperfectiunile, scot in evidenta punctele forte si ofera libertatea de miscare atat de necesara pe covorul rosu sau pe ringul de dans.

De la inspiratia flamenco la cea disco sau chiar si religioasa, colectiile pe care le-am realizat si cele pe care le avem in lucru sunt dedicate femeilor care indraznesc sa-si caute un stil cat mai original, carora nu le este frica sa-si dezvolte imagine si care apreciaza designul authentic si calitatea executiei.

Descopera o selectie din cele mai recente colectii Aida Lorena Atelier.



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