Our story

And so the story begins…

Some dreams are simply meant to come true, and when the joy of a dream come true is experienced with someone who shares your vision, it’s all the more remarkable.

The story begins with designer Aida Lorena, who longed and searched for the perfect wedding dress for her story, but when she couldn’t find it, she decided to create it herself. The heart-shaped cut-out back was the detail she incorporated into her own wedding dress in 2014.

Since then, this design has been a true symbol of love and has become a signature of the brand. In each collection, it continues to be reinterpreted and used in new wedding dress designs. Precious lace and fine tulle are used to create new silhouettes and styles inspired by customers’ wishes.

The team is growing

In 2019, the team has grown and Claudia Jenaru has joined us.

Our passion for embroidery, our creativity in creating embroidery designs and our dedication to making wedding dresses make each piece that carries our signature a precious object.

We have combined our elegant and bold style with the designers’ expertise in crafting manual embroidery to create increasingly personalized and sophisticated collections.

Evolving to a new phase

The Aida Lorena Atelier brand developed and entered a new phase when the creative team was completed by designer Ramona Lazăr. Starting off with a friendship and the desire to create pieces that combine Ramona’s chic minimalism with the precious and bohemian details present in Aida Lorena’s style, the two creative personalities decided to join forces under the name Aida Lorena Atelier and create the Starlight collection.

Wedding dresses as personalized as possible

In the brand’s DNA is the desire to create pieces that are as personalized or tailored to each woman as possible. Inspiration can start anywhere, from materials, travel or music, but to get to the final product, the woman who is to wear it is always the most important, and the wedding dress is a complex choice.

For every woman there is the perfect wedding dress! We build the designs after long discussions with those who want a wedding dress that reflects their personality, wedding emotions and lots of love.

With care and craftsmanship, Aida Lorena and Claudia Jenaru, together with the team in the atelier, create special wedding dresses. Every detail carries with it a lot of love and positive energy. And because every love story should be celebrated to the fullest, Aida Lorena Atelier pieces are made of quality materials, emphasize the body line and are built to create the perfect mix of form and functionality.

Carefully crafted details are the defining element of the Bridal collections, hand-embroidered lace is applied by the designers themselves to each dress, to achieve the most personalized and precious product. Our designers complement the creative process with their own style, and together they create spectacular yet wearable outfits perfectly suited to the urban lifestyle.


From princess-style dresses to modern yet classically inspired variations, each dress expresses a couture image. Aida Lorena Atelier’s brand style is a mix of romantic design with modern textures and precious details, combined in comfortable yet fabulous silhouettes.

Festival attendance

Aida Lorena Atelier aims to participate in as many events as possible where the public can get familiar with the brand’s style, and so far has checked off some of the most relevant catwalk appearances. We met the fashion world at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, Feeric Fashion Week, Bucharest Fashion Week, Mariage Fest, Atipic Beauty and Evening Fashion Gala.